Nail Clipper
Make your pets hygienic and groomed with this nail clipper. Cut the unnecessary length in your pet’s nails through this nail clipper.
from ₱143.00
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Training Pet Leash
Training your pets will be a little tough, you need to get a good grip of them especially when working outdoors. This pet leash gives a good grip of your dogs, with this spring metal piece, your pets won’t get...
from ₱220.00
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Cat Feather Toy
Tickle and play with your lovely cats by tickling them with this feather toy. Cats want something fluffy and this is a perfect toy to get their attention.
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Cat Loop Toy
Let your cats have their own time to play. Satisfy them with this loop toy. Don’t let your cats feel down, get them this cute loop toy.
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Ball and Rope Chew Toy
Play with your pets with this spiky ball chew toy, it comes with a handle rope so you can handle the toy and throw it along with your pet.
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Pet Stool Scooper
Your pets will litter almost everywhere and its unbearable to clean their mess with a paper or a broom, get the stool of your pets with no hassle using this stool scooper. This product is easy use and handy.
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Colorful Pet Chew Toy
Get your pets something to bite. Some of your pets love to chew things and to avoid them from chewing or biting your valuables, this toy is a perfect solution.
from ₱44.00
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